The story of Isengard starts in a small town called Vikingstad, two miles outside the city of Linköping SWEDEN. The two brothers Uffe & Janne startup Isengard in November-88. Together with guitarist Fredrik Broman and some other friends they start to play heavy music, covers mixed with own written songs.

In October -91 joins the new guitar player Ronnie Andréson and songs like Caught by fire and Atomic winter see the light. During this time Fredrik Broman left Isengard.

In May -92 joins the singer Anders “Gurra” Gustavsson group and the first real Isengard demo is recorded.

When the singer “Gurra” leaves the band, Ronnie takes over the singing. Isengard´s first record “Feel no fear” was released in August -94 on Bums records.
The promotion album “Under the dragons wing” was released August -95, almost a year after the debut album “Feel no fear”.
Next singer to join Isengard was Odin. He was a longtime friend to the band and would like to try singing Power Metal. And it worked great.
In December – 95, the Japanese production company Super stop Inc. made contact with Isengard and in August -96 the recordEnter the dragon empire” was released.
The “Enter the dragon empire” album got very good publishing in metal news magazines especially in south Europe. A lot of fanzines all over the world also got a good eye to Isengard

Next problem for Isengard is as so many times before the singer. Odin retires and Isengard need to find a new singer.

In February -98, Linus Melchoirsen joins Isengard as the new singer. Linus first job were to record two tracks for a new compilation album on the new metal label Loud N´ Proud Records..
“Crownless Majesty” was for Isengard the strongest and heaviest album ever. Fast and heavy songs combined with strong power ballads. Many different instruments were used to create the right atmosphere of medieval times.

After the release (2000) Isengard did a few gigs then they wound down. Linus were leaving for a solo project, and Goat had the opportunity to become a happy father.

After years of trying different singers Isengard once again were put on ice.

In 2008 Uffe starts a project of his own. Shortly after that, Janne joins together with former Isengard guitar player Fredrik Broman. When Ronnie joins the project they decide to once again wake up Isengard. Peter Högberg from Nightvision joins as a new singer in Isengard and the band is complete.

“Sail Into Orion” is released in April 2013. And with the singel comes some good reviews. And the main part of the band wants to  play in front of an audience again. Janne Tillman feels that Isengard will take to much time, so he leaves the band. Almost immediately Fredrik Broman takes over the Bass and Isengard brings in Peo Lövholm an keyboardplayer from the “Crownless Majesty” era. Isengard also brings in an female singer . . .  Helena Åström.


Isengard´s first gig were at Fria Vidder Festival 2014. It was also the first time for Isengard as an headline.

After thirteen years . . . ISENGARD ARE BACK !!!

This is the story so far . . . . . . .