“Tales Of The Northern Swords”

Isengard and Underground Symphony are proud to announce the latest details on “Tales Of The Northern Swords”, tribute album dedicated to the mighty Heavy Load out in June

Tales of the northen sword

22 bands revisit the cult hits from the Swedish metal band, among them: Isengard, Shadows Of Steel, Dark Horizon, Tragodia, Great Master, Arthemis.

The double CD will be released in a very limited and exclusive digipak edition with original and special formats dedicated to collectors and Heavy Load’s fans.

Here’s the full tracklist and Artwork, designed by Jahn Carlini (www.jahnvision.com).

Ancestral – I’m Alive
Anvil Therapy – Heavy Metal Angels (In Metal and Leather)
Arthemis – Might For Right
Barbarians – Moonlight Spell
Black Inside – Trespasser
Crazy Rain – Heavy Metal Heaven
Dark Horizon – Free
Echotime – Daybreak Ecstasy
Eternal Silence – Stronger Than Evil
Fogalord – The Guitar Is My Sword
Ghost City – Singing Swords
Great Master – The King
Isengard – You’ve Got The Power
Madwork – Heatens From The north
Metal Detector – Roar Of The North
Neversin – Hey
Shadows Of Steel – Dark Nights
The Moor – Dreaming
Tragodia – Still There Is Time
Twilight Zone – Little Lies
Wild Steel – Traveller
Underground Symphony All Stars – Run With The Devil